Embodied Movement for Yoga Practices with Parveen – Series 2

Parveen Nair Ardhachandrasana

The Series 2- Online program is a continuous study from the Series 1 with Louis , the programme is a pre-recorded class in March 2020 during the Pandemic Lockdown. The Classes are based on gentle and dynamic movements in relation with the natural range of the body to create space, mobility and stability from exploring the multi -dimensional possibilities inherent in the body in a joyful manner.

  • This includes unlimited access to the class recordings through online streaming.

Yoga explores and seeks exactly the ability to be still. We can do postures with the spine in all sorts of positions and planes, how how do we make sense of classical theories of levers and straight vertical poles? Join Parveen Nair to explore stillness in motion.

Lesson 1 Praveen Ji
Lesson 2 Praveen Ji
Lesson 3 Praveen Ji
Lesson 4 Praveen Ji
Lesson 5 Praveen Ji
Lesson 6 Praveen Ji
Lesson 7 Praveen Ji
Lesson 8 Praveen Ji

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Enrolled: 89 students
Duration: 12 Hours
Lectures: 8
Video: 90 Min/Class
Level: Beginner
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