Embodied Play Lila

Play is not a luxury, it is a necessity, play is training for the unexpected. Many of the Yoga teachers and practitioners forget the path of Lila ( the divine play ).

We tend to take the practice in a dogmatic mode that we forget the goal and fall into a space of tiredness and boredom with our passion with yoga. This probably will lead us away from the fun and possibilities we had in the beginning stages of discovering yoga.

In this 7.5 hours Workshop, join Parveen Nair to discover your passion with Yoga, not only as an activity done on the mat but how to develop the sense of play even with life and to see pockets of playing opportunities with life from the light of Yoga.

This course contains of 3 separate live recorded sessions of Parveen’s workshop in Malaysia in June 2023, each session is 2.5 hours and Parveen takes you to different embodied plays that will definitely stimulate your senses and facilitate you in making sense of sensitivity in our own play.

This includes unlimited access to the class recordings through online streaming.

Chair Play Embodied Flow ( 2.5 hours )

Is a movement practice developed by me this spring. This sequence begins with arriving at the seated pose and to look at various patterns that can help us explore the bodily existence in terms of movement as a medium. There are 3 creative movement plans we will explore from the seated positions and its fun way of linking one moment to the other being on the chair. We will also explore seated to standing balancing poses that can be of great help for those who need to develop stability of the physic and mind.

Embodying Garuda (2.5 hours )

This is a dynamic sequence to celebrate the Grand carrier of Lord Vishnu (Garuda) developed to enhance the various arms pattern innate in the human body. In this sequence we will explore the possibilities of developing a fun progression into Garudasana (standing, seated, supine and rolling) in an embodied flow manner

Form to Fluidity ( 2.5 hours )

This is an exploration of how to introduce fluid functional movements to static asana. If you are a teacher or a practitioner of static asanas this class will give you a fresh, safe and meaningful rewiring of the old methods.  We will explore fluid dynamic and passive related movements while entering the pose, preserving and recovering.

  • Standing fluidity
  • Seated fluidity
  • Supine/ Prone fluidity
  • Inverted fluidity

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Enrolled: 42 students
Duration: 7.5 Hours
Lectures: 3
Video: 2.5 Hours / Session
Level: Intermediate
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