Everlasting Happiness: Beyond Objects and Activities

Call it a holiday, call it a new gadget or even a break after a long day at work.

We are all looking for some kind of freedom or happiness. We go in circles making the same preparations to arrive at this state of completeness at the end of the day. It seems that the conclusion of all efforts is to arrive at happiness.

But have our efforts succeeded in making this happiness last or are they just temporary? How long does it last and what brings it to an end?

Let’s look back into our past, have we even come to a conclusion saying ‘I would be happy if only ….? Did it happen? Well if it did happen, did it last? Why not? We have come to a conclusion many time that our desired activities do result to happiness but had not resulted to everlasting happiness.

Happiness does not last, it only comes and goes?

Try making a list of happiness and a list of miseries, you will find a lot of similarities. Those objects or activities that gave you happiness now has turned out to give you misery after a while. Modern technology had promised us a lot of convenience but is there happiness in it?

We all say life has become so much convenient today with a washing machine, microwave, hand phones and so many more gadgets that promise us some kind of short term happiness. Have all these really given us happiness and convenience? When we want something, we go all out to get it, we have it.

Does the desire of wanting it still exist? No the desire is actually not there anymore. So if we look at our pattern of wanting objects and relationships in our life we will realize that most of our desires are unnecessary and the happiness that is tagged to it is just a short term misunderstanding of our desires. When we are done with one desire there is another knocking on the door. Why is this happening? Because we have come to a conclusion that the objects in this world can give us everlasting happiness but we have not learnt from our lessons from the past. It’s like saying every time I want to be happy I need and object or and activity.

For example, if there is a dust particle in our eyes we rub our eyes so much to remove the particle out and when it is removed we feel such great relief and happiness that the particle is out, but are we saying that every time we want happiness in our life we have to put some dust in our eyes and rub till it comes out, meaning are we going to look for more objects and relationships to make us happy?

Well, happiness is not in the objects out there, happiness is actually in removing on these objects and seeing that happiness is actually our true nature, and that is why we are always in search of that everlasting happiness.


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